Dedicated to developing young storytellers, world builders, and future artists.


Igniting Imagination

“Empowering the next generation of storytellers, Narrative Boom is on a mission to combat illiteracy through the power of imagination. We transform kids through art and story into world builders, nurturing their literacy skills while giving voice to their compelling stories.”

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“We’ve worked with Gil for the past several years and he’s wonderful! His classes are engaging, informative and fun for both kids and adults.”
-Letitia Lopez, Executive Director, Julia De Burgos Cultural Arts Center
“The final product rivals a Hollywood spot, Mr Rivera went above and beyond to make the commercial spot well above our expectations.”

-William Jelenic, Executive Director, Crime Stoppers of Cuyahoga County, inc.

“Gil is dependable, creative, follows suggestions, organized and is quick to meet deadlines. I highly recommend him.”
-Linda Lee Will, Program Manager, Student Production office, Cuyahoga Community College.


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Workshops and Programs

Super Hero In You

6 weeks – 12 weeks – 18 weeks Programs

Discover the ‘Super Hero In You’ at our unique workshop! We empower kids to battle illiteracy with the power of comics. They create personal superheroes, learn drawing techniques, and master narrative structure. Join us to transform creativity into literacy, one comic strip at a time!

How to Draw Anime

4-6 weeks

Step into the vibrant world of anime with our creative workshop! At ‘Anime Artistry’, we guide students in honing their illustration skills, bringing their imaginative anime characters to life. We emphasize on character development, fostering an understanding of narrative structure. Join us to unravel the magic of anime creation, and watch your artistic prowess flourish!

Creating Compelling Villians & Monsters

6 weeks – 12 weeks – 18 weeks Programs

The ‘Villains & Monsters Mastery’ workshop! Here, we invite students to explore the art of crafting compelling villains, teaching them to distinguish between right and wrong through their characters’ journey. We’ll equip them with techniques to illustrate intimidating figures that are larger-than-life, and yes, scarier than ever! Join us and master the thrilling art of villainous creation.

Prices vary depending on the workshop, the duration, and the location. All the materials the student need are included in the price!