About Narrative Boom

Step into the captivating world of Narrative Boom, an innovative platform where creativity meets literacy. Here, we blend the art of storytelling with the power of illustration, crafting a vibrant universe where comic books become the tools of empowerment. Guided by a deep-seated passion for art, we inspire our young creators to weave tales of their own superheroes. Our mission is not just to teach art, but to combat illiteracy, turning each comic strip into a stepping stone toward literacy. At Narrative Boom, every child is an artist, every child is a storyteller, and every child has the power to change their world through their stories.


Ready to ignite creativity and literacy in your after-school curriculum? Unleash the power of storytelling with Narrative Boom! Our afterschool programs are up to 3 days a week in 2 hour sessions. Transform your students into artists and storytellers, empowering them to conquer illiteracy one comic strip at a time. Don’t just teach, inspire with Narrative Boom. Join us now, let’s create a narrative boom in your school today! Click the link for info on rates and options.