Creating with a Pencil or with a Lens

Cinema Series: Music Video

10 weeks
Students learn the 3 types of music videos. The workshop participants will produce, plan, shoot and edit a full-length music video ready for all social media and YouTube.

Cinema Series Short Story

8 – 14 weeks
This workshop focuses on developing a fiction short story, the writing process. Developing a script,
understanding characters and how to perform on camera.

Cinema Series Video Podcast

8 weeks
Students learn how to create a podcast from scratch, they create a sub-name for the “WeVibin” banner.
They learn record techniques, microphone etiquette, and how to perform a weekly podcast. The first 2
weeks are classroom and practice, the 6 other weeks students are performing based on the topics they

Cinema Series Photography

5 weeks
Students learn the basics of photography and how to create quality photos with a
professional camera to their cell phone. They study composition, and more art rules.
The students also learn some basic photo editing in photoshop.

Super Hero In You

6-10 weeks

The longest of the workshops, students create a superhero based on his/her own life. They learn drawing techniques and narrative structure.

Graffiti Art

4 weeks

Students learn how to draw letter art and bubble letters. They learn some art fundamentals and basic color theory along with creating some amazing letter art.

How to Draw Anime

4-6 weeks

How to draw characters like your favorite anime. Breaking down the process and understanding poses and line weights. This course teaches you how to draw hands, eyes and more.

Creating Compelling Villians & Monsters

4-6 weeks
This workshop focuses on developing supervillains, and the villains’ journey. The class also teaches techniques on drawing larger-than-life and scarier than ever.

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